Torii Jujitsu Kai

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A Little bit of History (Origins of the Torii Jujitsu Kai)

Way back in the 70's the only martial arts clubs around taught the styles of Judo & Karate.


The only other art anyone had ever heard of was Kung Fu, largely due to the efforts of a certain Bruce Lee.


It was into this arena that a Jujitsu Club was launched at the Greenwich Baths teaching a defence system which had been used by both Law Enforcement agencies and the Military since WW2 and was accepted by both as the most practical self defence art available.


The Club taught a style called Kempo-Kai Jujitsu which was a variant of Juko Ryu Jujitsu but, unlike Juko, it contained more Striking and Kicking techniques to capitalize on the, already, effective throwing and locking techniques.


The club soon outgrew its Greenwich roots and, over time, more and more clubs opened throughout S.E.London as more people discovered the benefits Jujitsu had to offer.


Shihan Keith Power holds a 6th Dan Black Belt within the Shu-Ho Association presented to him in 2010 by

Soke Colin Elgie, his most recent teacher and founder of the Shu-Ho system (formally Kempo Kai).


He has practiced Martial Arts for over 35 years, 18 of which were under the tutelage of Sensei Ron Weightman, who sadly passed away several years ago having achieved his 4th Dan Black Belt. Sensei Power inherited the Club from Sensei Weightman and expanded the number of clubs throughout S.E London and into Kent.


In 2012 the Torii Jujitsu Kai was founded by Shihan Power and has clubs in SIDCUP, CRAYFORD & GRAVESEND.