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Soke Colin Elgie

8th Dan Black Belt


Founder of ShuHo Jujitsu Ryu

Colin Elgie carries the title of Soke or Headmaster of the Shuho Jujitsu Renmei.


Sensei Elgie has persude a lijfetime study of the Martial Arts focusing on Jujitsu, in which he currently holds an 8th Dan Black Belt and Arakimuninsai Ryu Iaido (Art of the Sword) in which he holds the grade of 6th Dan and the title of Renshi, presented to him by Soke Risho Hayabuchi 16th Soke of the style based in Kobe Japan.


Colin is one of the most respected martial arts instructors practicing in the UK today and his tireless efforts in teaching both Jujitsu & iaido have won him the loyalty of many students over the years, of which I am proud to be one.


I would like to thank Colin for his support and friendship over the past 30 years and long may it continue.


Shihan Keith Power 6th Dan

Founder Torii Jujitsu Kai













Soke Colin Elgie