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It is recognised within the association that a junior syllabus must be tailored to a different student to that of the senior syllabus.

Less demanding than the senior syllabus with safety of paramount importance.


Any educational system regarding Children is required to be clear and understood by both students and parents alike.


It needs to reward and challenge in equal measure and not discriminate between students of different levels of understanding.


With this in mind Torii Jujitsu Kai has developed a belt system that challenges and rewards all students with a variety of levels of learning.


Gradings are held every 3 months and ALL students are invited to attend, even if they have not learnt their entire syllabus.


Each junior belt has 3 possible outcomes all of which acknowledge the students efforts in their training.


Depending on how much the individual student can demonstrate on a grading day determines the level of advancement achieved.











These belts mean that the student has demonstrated, to a good standard, a small number of techniques within their syllabus and the colour of the belt they PASS to reflects the belt they are currently working on.












These belts mean that the student has demonstrated, to a good standard, the greater portion of techniques within their syllabus and, therefore, the belt they PASS too has MORE of the colour in it.












These belts mean that the student has demonstrated, to a high standard, most, if not ALL of the techniques within their syllabus and have achieved a FULL PASS meaning that they are now ready to begin their next belt.






On occasion a junior student will reach the level of Junior Black Belt before they reach 14 years of age ( The age that they would normally be required to move to the senior class ).


With this in mind and award system has been created to advance the student through a series of "tests" where the student begins to understand other elements of their Jujitsu such as Teaching basic technique, understanding more advanced etiquette and club safety.


They will also lead warm up sessions and, in doing so, better understand why we do them and the benefits it gives us.


They will also be introduced to instructions given in Japanese and the meanings of those instructions.


All these elements are in place to increase the confidence of our Junior Students and prepare them for the senior classes.


All coaches are fully DBS checked.

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